Important Warning Concerning International Fairs Directory

Dear exhibitors,
Over the past few weeks, many of our exhibitors have again received proposals from a company called International Fairs Directory based in Uruguay. These proposals refer to “Data Checks / The End of the Validity Period” and offer updated entries in the “Exhibitor Directory for Trade Fairs and Exhibitions” that are available at a cost under certain conditions. To our knowledge, exhibitors have been sent pre-formulated order forms that already contain details such as the name and dates of our trade fair and the exhibitors’ contact details. The small print on these order forms indicates that by signing them, the exhibitor will conclude a contract that will entail annual costs!

With this warning, we expressly declare that we have no contractual connections or relationship whatsoever with
International Fairs Directory

We would like to remind our exhibitors that we, AVR GmbH, produce the official catalogues / trade fair guides by ourselves and contact our exhibitors directly.

If you ever have concerns regarding the supplier of a proposal or offer that you have received, please feel free to contact us.

Tel.: +49 89 419694-13