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If you are looking for a place to get together in a relaxed atmosphere in the midst of a day at the trade fair full of visual impressions, interesting encounters, the babble of voices and lots of steps on the meter, you have come to the right place. Our booth at Expolife offers space and opportunity for industry-specific technical discussions, but also and above all for personal encounters. For a reunion with partners, colleagues and friends. Or just for a short break in between before continuing.

We are very much looking forward – after years of social distancing – to Expolife, to meeting you personally, to being in direct contact with you and to seeing old acquaintances again and making new friends.

The mdc medical device certification GmbH team is looking forward to welcoming you in Hall 1 + 2 at Stand F 04!

EXPOLIFE 2023: Euphoric comeback and buzzing atmosphere

Everything that moves people!

This was the claim of the trade fair in Kassel. Representatives of all specialist and specialised areas of the health trade came together from 16 to 18 March. This was the place to exchange information on the latest products, technological advancements and the impressive variety of offers within the medical, rehabilitation, orthopaedic technology and orthopaedic shoe technology trade. The success was overwhelming!

Know-how and networking

As an important impetus for the industry, EXPOLIFE remains an established date for exhibitors and trade visitors. As a B2B trade fair, it has become an indispensable meeting place and networking platform for the industry as it combines expert information and live product-presentations as well as profound knowledge exchange and future-oriented networking in a concentrated and relaxed working atmosphere. This defines the extraordinary character of EXPOLIFE. The trade fair proved once again to be an absolute success – including attractive general conditions as free admission, parking and WLAN.

The 214 established companies and innovative newcomers in the health industry presented a portfolio containing all relevant specialist and product areas in Kassel that is unique in the trade fair landscape. In 4 fully booked halls, they met 9670 highly motivated trade visitors – from managing directors to trainees. At EXPOLIFE the knowledge in the areas of product development, supply and service, which is 100% tailored to the specialist health trade, found the appropriate platform. This led to a highly inspiring exchange at eye level between manufacturers and visitors, who in return, stimulated the dialogue with their important practical experience.

The walk that became a run

The tremendous success of this year’s trade fair was not foreseeable at the beginning of the registration phase. A rather hesitant start regarding booth bookings due to the market situation and the general economic environment turned into a real run in the last few months before the event. The organisers used the space available in the halls down to the last square metre. This made it possible to meet requests for exhibition space at short notice. The Newcomer area, an area specially dedicated to innovative start-ups, remained unchanged. This was of great advantage to visitors, as they did not have to engage in a tiresome search for new suppliers, but were able to quickly get an overview thanks to this special area.

Interaction and Inspiration

Once again, the organisers supported the lively exchange at the highest professional level with an extended interactive trade fair program, in which visitors benefited from the know-how of the entire industry in personal exchange with experts. The first-hand knowledge transfer was thus concentrated in various forms in direct exchange and ‘hands-on’. In the course of 3 days, visitors were given the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the industry´s trends, participating in vividly designed workshops, lectures and a remarkable 49 seminars.  This allowed them to inform themselves comprehensively about current topics within the healthcare sector, new care and treatment methods as well as practical applications of products. In addition to the very popular seminars, which were bookable for 5 euros each, the OPEN FORUM – where lively discussions and live product presentations took place – proved to be a magnet for visitors. Also the Guided Tours on special topics, such as the increasingly important area of “Digitalisation – from the salesroom to the workshop”, proved to be a real success.

Let’s party…

Seeing all the industry`s representatives united under one roof is already a source of great pleasure and good mood. The intense work on the continuous development and improvement of the broad portfolio to the benefit of people and patients whose lives are made easier by the concentrated know-how the industry has to offer is really a reason to celebrate! Therefore, the traditional and already legendary EXPOLIFE trade fair party took place on the evening of the second day of the trade fair. It once again proved to be the ideal setting for exchanging ideas among visitors and colleagues in an informal atmosphere, for establishing new contacts and intensifying existing ones. With rousing live music by ‘A band called Wanda’ and Hessian specialities, the previously intense exchange of knowledge, further training and practical application of product innovations merged into a cheerful celebration of being together – borne by the feeling of being in the right place with the right business partners!

Together into the future

This year, EXPOLIFE once again proved to be the B2B trade fair for all representatives in the health industry. After the three days in Kassel, it can be rightly said that the specialised health trade is as fit for the future as it is forward-looking and, most importantly, it is a steadily growing industry with increasing importance for the end consumers. Packed with positive impressions and innovative ideas, we are therefore already looking forward to the next EXPOLIFE 2025 with excitement and anticipation!


EXPOLIFE presents the entire range of new products and services, provides concentrated know-how on everything that drives the industry and identifies key topics which are and will be important.

Join EXPOLIFE seminars, aimed at all occupational groups within the health care trade. Everyone, may it be apprentices or managing directors, are invited to attend various impulse lectures at the trade fair. In addition, interactive workshops and the Open Forum invites you to actively share know-how and engage in networking.

A special highlight is the EXPOLIFE Party. The evening event offers you the perfect opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues and business partners, socialise and strengthen existing business relationships.


The training forum is an area dedicated to young professionals in the health industry and aspiring young entrepreneurs. Vocational schools and master schools from all over Germany present their services and educational concepts on a special area. They also provide advice regarding the various carrier opportunities within the health industry. Newcomers to the profession as well as those reorienting towards a new career within the health industry can obtain detailed information in personal discussions, providing a solid basis for a career in the ever-changing health industry.

EXPOLIFE: Fair date 2021 is fixed

13. EXPOLIFE International from 18th to 20th March 2021 in Kassel

Intensive discussions, exchanges on an equal footing as well as new and promising contacts – the EXPOLIFE 2019 trade fair in Kassel was a great success with 11 per cent increase in visitors and an enlarged exhibition area of 17,500 sqm in five exhibition halls. The initiators and organizers are all the more pleased to announce the date for the upcoming EXPOLIFE: From 18th to 20th March 2021, the gates of the Kassel fairgrounds will open again for the international trade fair for specialist stores providing medical supplies, rehabilitation orthopaedic technology and orthopaedic shoe technology and its visitors. Due to a diversified supporting program as well as a comprehensive exhibition portfolio representing all well-known manufacturers, service providers and suppliers from Germany and abroad, the EXPOLIFE has become an important event for the health care industry. The EXPOLIFE International takes place every two years and is aimed at all employees of specialist stores providing medical supplies, rehabilitation orthopaedic technology and orthopaedic shoe technology.

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Bildcredit: © studioline Photostudios, www.studioline.de

We are looking forward to meet you at the EXPOLIFE 2019 in hall 10 + 11, stand E06.

EXPOLIFE INTERNATIONAL 2017 Valuable ideas and networking for the health industry

The 11th International Trade Fair for Medical Centres, Rehabilitation, Orthopaedics and Orthopaedic Foot Care Specialists from 27 to 29 April proved to be a major attraction and an indicator for the health industry

SEven in advance of this year’s EXPOLIFE INTERNATIONAL, it was clear that the interest shown by the industry in exhibiting the goods and services at Kassel Exhibition Centre was continuing to rise. Ultimately more than 230 leading manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in the industry filled the exhibition space which had once again been extended. German and foreign companies showed off their latest product, care and service developments in five double halls with a total area of 17,500 m². The event once again demonstrated its position as the leading trade fair for this industry with 8017 trade visitors taking the opportunity to gain extensive information about market innovations over the three days of the trade fair, and also attending the wide-ranging supporting events and the otherwise fairly rare opportunity to exchange views with colleagues and exhibitors on a face-to-face basis.

Expectations met on all sides

What makes the event equally attractive for both visitors and exhibitors is its unique depth of range which combines all areas of the health industry under a single roof. The wider range of visitors this attracts also benefits the exhibiting companies. Above all, the high proportion of decision-makers from the trade is a very positive feature, particularly in view of business conducted after the trade fair, thus once again confirming for the organisers that the concept of their event is absolutely correct.

Personal contacts pay dividends

Since its very beginnings, the EXPOLIFE INTERNATIONAL has made its name as a networking platform. Exchanging views and maintaining contacts in face-to-face talks is major aspect of visiting the trade fair for many people – and is also profitable for exhibitors. The newcomers among them, in particular, were given an extra chance this year for the first time to establish themselves on the market with start-ups being given an opportunity to present their goods and services, make contacts and thus get their “foot in the door” using a specially tailored all-in trade fair package in the newly created “newcomers area”. The conclusion after the premiere of this package was that it presented a win-win situation for everybody. Popular with visitors, the new area created an additional innovative focal point for the entire event.

Advanced training included

First-hand expertise was offered this year at 40 seminars covering a wide range of current topics from the health industry. Practical applications of products and regulations, financial management but also political aspects related to the industry attracted a great deal of interest from visitors. Above all, Dr. Roy Kühne, who is a member of the Bundestag, held his audience rapt with his presentation on the intended effect of the new law on health and medical devices, and also provided an outlook of health policy developments over the next legislation period.

An appeal for inclusion

One of this year’s most popular new features was the exhibition of work by the “Group Smirage” studio community. 26 artists from Munich, who work in the workshop for physically handicapped people run by the Pfennigparade Foundation, were invited to exhibit their work on the topic of mobility at the EXPOLIFE and created several moving and impressive exhibition areas, and all for a good cause. Many of the pictures changed hands and the proceeds went in full to the artists’ group. There was also the chance for visitors to win a prize. They were asked to vote for the best picture and at the end of the event it was raffled among everybody who took part.

The great get-together

Without the trade fair party it would not be a proper EXPOLIFE INTERNATIONAL. And so, once again this year the organisers and sponsors invited all visitors and exhibitors to celebrate with them. On the second day of the event, Hall 3 was declared a party zone after 5 pm. The buffet featured regional specialities which were supplemented by refreshing drinks whilst two bands provided musical entertainment for the party guests. The Honky Tonks and the BOPTOWNCATS kept the party bopping and lively until late into the evening. Perfectly arranged by Azh, Hermann Bock, Dietz, EGROH, Medi, Ofa Bamberg, Schein Orthopädie, Sporlastic, Sundo Homecare, Werkmeister and AVR, who worked together superbly to organise the whole thing.

The product innovations of the year

The EXPOLIFE NewsAward is also inextricably linked with this international trade fair. The candidates for the much coveted innovation prize once again occupied the special innovation area and sought the approval of visitors, which they gave using their voting slips, but this year there was a new feature as the three best of the year had not yet been selected by the end of the event. For the first time, visitors can also vote online until 9 May 2017 at www.expolife.de.

Important Warning

Important Warning Concerning International Fairs Directory

Dear exhibitors,
Over the past few weeks, many of our exhibitors have again received proposals from a company called International Fairs Directory based in Uruguay. These proposals refer to “Data Checks / The End of the Validity Period” and offer updated entries in the “Exhibitor Directory for Trade Fairs and Exhibitions” that are available at a cost under certain conditions. To our knowledge, exhibitors have been sent pre-formulated order forms that already contain details such as the name and dates of our trade fair and the exhibitors’ contact details. The small print on these order forms indicates that by signing them, the exhibitor will conclude a contract that will entail annual costs!

With this warning, we expressly declare that we have no contractual connections or relationship whatsoever with
International Fairs Directory

We would like to remind our exhibitors that we, AVR GmbH, produce the official catalogues / trade fair guides by ourselves and contact our exhibitors directly.

If you ever have concerns regarding the supplier of a proposal or offer that you have received, please feel free to contact us.

Tel.: +49 89 419694-13

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